Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tot School Post #6 and #7

Tot School
(Xander is 13 months)

Wow, has it really been 2 weeks since I posted? It's been 2 weeks of sickness here, first me and then Ryan. Thankfully the most Xander ever got was a little bit stuffy.

Because Xander started climbing over the tubs we were using as a barricade we had to hurry up and make the kitchen safe for him. Ryan used more of our old futon frame (so glad we saved it) to build another wooden gate in our hallway, he rehung all the kitchen cabinet doors (most are still  not painted, only primed), put on cabinet locks, and installed a safety latch on the oven. Now the kitchen is open to Xander. We still need to fix the laundry room door, right now it doesn't close, so we are putting the pack-n-play in front of the doorway.



Xander loves having all this space to explore and play in. I am finding it difficult to cook while he is underfoot so I've been putting him in the playpen when I'm in the kitchen. I can't wait until he can be "helpful" in there. I read another Tot School post (sorry, don't remember who) that showed a little one helping unload the dishwasher. Right now Xander immediately tries to climb into the dishwasher when I open it and telling him no at this point doesn't lead to any understanding, just tears.

Xander worked on his ring stacking skills.
And he has played for hours in that cardboard box. He has used it as a place to sit in, transferred his wooden blocks to it, thrown balls into it. Lots of fun!

I got out his block puzzle for him to work with (it's cardboard with glued on paper pictures, he'd eat it if left unattended!). He had fun playing with the blocks but wasn't the least bit interested in trying to match the pictures. Every time I tried to do it he took the blocks away from me!

"My block's Mommy!"

A big breakthrough during the last two weeks is that he is eating more than just purees!!! We discovered that he likes toast. 

This is a big deal, usually he gags on anything solid but he has done really well with the toast. Wouldn't even try the scrambled eggs. Not even a taste. He likes my homemade wheat bread but didn't like the sourdough bread I make. He also grabbed one of the single serving toddler meals by Gerber that you take the lid off and nuke it. It was pretty much a spaghetti-o's meal. I was sure he wouldn't eat it, much too solid for him but he grabbed it off the shelf and held onto it the whole shopping trip so we bought it and tried it and he ate nearly the whole thing! Really hope this continues, I am so sick of pureeing everything!

Last week on Ryan's day off the sun was actually shining so we walked to our little neighborhood park. Xander got to go in the swing for the first time. He was not impressed. Nor did he care for the merry-go-round or slide. He did find a rock in the grass and that made him happy, he carried it home, chattering away to it in the stroller.

"I don't like this Daddy!"

"Look, I found a rock! Can we go home now?"


That's what we've been up to for the last two weeks (along with a lot of sniffling and sneezing!). Find out what other families are doing by visiting Tot School. Thanks for stopping by.

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