Monday, February 1, 2010

Tot School Post #4

Tot School
(Xander is 12 months)

We started off the week watching Daddy build a baby gate. It goes along the side of one of the tables I use as my desk and then has an actual "gate" where it attaches to the wall. It keeps my computer, our woodstove, Poppy Seed and McCoy (our dogs) on one side and Xander on the other.
It expanded his "baby proof" domain (aka the living room), opening up a 3 feet by 2 feet area of hard flooring for Xander to play on. He has enjoyed playing on this new surface, testing to make sure the gate really was Xander proof, and of course throwing toys through it (over and over and over again!). He has also learned that he can bang on the front door and set the dogs off. Even though they can see that it is him banging and NOT someone at the door they still go crazy (not the brightest canines!). He finds this hilarious, I find it a little less hilarious after the millionth time of listening to the dogs freak out. 

McCoy has adjusted to his new anti-child area just fine. Poppy Seed is a little less thrilled. She's fine as long as I'm in here at my computer but when I go into the living room she whines, a lot! Of course she doesn't like being in the living room because Xander chases her. I think she'd prefer that we lock him up and let her have the living room and us all to herself. Poor spoiled dog, life will be better once he's old enough to know how to treat you properly. Poppy Seed says "Xander is pretty neat, when he's sleeping!"

We had a pretty busy week and I never got around to any specific "tot" activities. Mainly we played, read books, repeat over and over. One night as he was fussing at me while I was making dinner I handed him the just emptied bread crumb container and went and got his Play-Doh tubs so he could move them from container to container. He really enjoyed this. It's funny how a little cardboard tube can make him so happy.

This kept him happy until I had finished cooking dinner. (We still have a plastic tub barricade on the kitchen side of the living room. Hopefully the cabinet doors will get painted and reinstalled soon and then his territory will expand even more.)

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