Monday, January 25, 2010

Tot School Post #3

Tot School
(Xander is 12 months)

We started off with a wonderful Nature Crawl. Xander explored leaves, stones, and branches. Most importantly Ryan taught him that trees are for climbing. I love this photo of him looking up at his Daddy in the tree, he looks so amazed.

On Tuesday we played with Play-Doh for the first time. I discovered that I LOVE the smell of Play-Doh, it brings back happy childhood memories for me. Xander enjoyed touching it...

but what he really liked doing was trying to put it back in to it's tub. After I saw how much he enjoyed that, I gave him all the tubs and the tube they came in so he could try putting the tubs in the tube. It was difficult for him but he really enjoyed it.

On Wednesday we played with a pumpkin. He had enjoyed touching the large pumpkin we got at Halloween and I thought that now with him being older he'd get even more fun out of it. My in-laws had brought us some pie pumpkins and I needed to get them baked so it seemed like a perfect opportunity for fun.

He rolled it around, used it as a drum, tried to pick it up, and tried to taste it.

Then he became fascinated with the camera and I have a whole bunch of close up photos of his face, of a grabbing hand, there were quite a few "Not for babies!" which then led to this

 Xander does not like being told "No!" A change of scenery was needed so we moved to the high chair to examine the inside of the pumpkin. This was less fun for him. The strings and seeds stuck to his fingers and he didn't seem to like it.

Until Mommy removed the nasty strings and seeds, then the pumpkin was pretty neat again. (Wow, this photo really make his Carotenosis noticeable. My little pumpkin has a pumpkin nose!)

Later in the week Xander practiced emptying his shelves again. He's quite good at this activity.

After I cleaned his shelves back up we worked on stacking rings. Still just working on getting them on the pole, not worrying about size order.

Only to be distracted by Poppy Seed, our female rat terrier, squeezing through our makeshift baby/dog barricade.

Which leads to our exciting building session and a proper gate but that was on Sunday, so it will be next weeks post. See what other tots and their families are doing by going here.

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