Monday, March 22, 2010

Tot School Post #9

Tot School
(Xander is 14 months)

Yikes, my last Tot School post was almost a month ago! We had a great week after that post and I was all excited to post about it but then I was really busy and put it off and then there was the horrible hospital lab and doctor visit days and then we all got sick, etc. etc. etc. (if you're anything like me you now see Yul Brynner dancing around singing the song from the King and I). The blood draw itself was horrible but it was good, most of Xander's iron counts were up. He still needs to take an iron supplement but we can go 3 months before testing his blood again. At the doctors we talked about Xander's lack of talking and we've decided to have him screened for delays. While my head knows that him not talking is not my fault, and that there may not even be a problem, and if there is a problem it is not caused by me; my heart feels otherwise. I am having a major "I'm failing as a Mommy" time. It probably doesn't help that during this same time period we've all been sick and cranky and not sleeping well cause we're sick which makes us even more cranky. This negativity is one of the reasons I haven't posted but then not posting was making me feel even more blue so I am forcing myself to post!

So, let's post about the positives! Xander is eating more and more solid foods. Unfortunately, what he really, really likes are cookies (Annie's Bunny Grahams). It's really cute how much he loves his bunny cookies and milk. He also snagged some french fries off Ryan's plate last night and really liked them too. Health food! Since he needs to gain weight and most of what he eats is vegetables I am not too concerned but I do wish he'd like to eat other solid foods.

We've tried drawing several more times and he has actually started to scribble on the paper. I had this great idea to have him scribble on colored paper and then I'd cut out egg shapes to make Easter cards for the Grandparents so now he won't scribble at all and has in fact started eating the crayons.

I made a sensory tub full of beans and gave him some scoops to play with. He did try eating the beans so I have to watch him like a hawk but he really enjoyed it. I plan on letting him play with it again today but this time I will spread a sheet out first-- those little beans like to escape!

We keep having the occasional wonderful sunny day and we take advantage of it by going out and exploring our property. At the beginning of the month our cherry tree bloomed and we had a nice walk up to look at the blossoms. And last Saturday Xander worked on digging holes while I trimmed branches in our orchard. He really likes to dig holes and explore rocks.

Aside from the not so fun field trips to the hospital lab and doctor's office (though he loved walking around the hospital --the gift shop had BALLOONS! and he was entranced by the fish tank at our pediatrician's office), we also had a fun story time at the library and we had another great trip to the Cider Mill. This time we went with my Mom, and Xander was in a much better mood (it wasn't his nap time and he wasn't suffering a horrid diaper rash), but he was still a little overwhelmed by the animals.

"Momma are you sure this fence will keep them away?" It didn't help that right after this the goat on the far right stole the entire bag of oats (the lunchbag in my mom's hands in the photo) away from my mom and swallowed it whole! Greedy doe!

Here's the doe trying to swallow the whole bag! It just can't be good for her. We had fun and can't wait to go back again.

The munchkin woke up from his nap so that's all I can post for now. Check out what other tot's are doing at Tot School. Thanks for stopping by.

Edited to add: Thought some of you might be interested in watching this web cam. It is in a barn owl nest box. So far there is one owlet hatched. Really neat!

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