Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tot School Post #15

Tot School
(Xander is 15 months)

We're still working on the letter B this week, and still haven't made one. Rather, we started it but it didn't work out so we'll try again next week. Things we did accomplish, for starters we finger painted for the first time.

What Xander really liked about finger painting was rubbing the paint all over his hands. Putting the paint on the paper didn't really interest him. He was having a great time until he rubbed his eye, he was fine but paint in the eye freaks Mommy out and ends all the fun!

Later in the week were my doomed activities with cotton balls. I had set up a transferring activity using a tea bag squeezer as tongs to move the balls with. Unfortunately Xander couldn't squeeze the tongs so that didn't work out, then I thought he could paint the letter B using cotton balls but he wasn't too interested and refused to keep the paint to the paper so I had to take it away, then I tried showing him how to glue the cotton balls to the paper but he wasn't the least bit interested. As I said, the day was doomed.

We had better luck later in the week when we played with Playdoh. Xander received some new stacking cups from my aunt and they have  symbols on the bottom so I was using them to press shapes into the Playdoh. Xander thought that was pretty neat. He wouldn't stamp them himself but liked looking at the shapes and poking at the Playdoh. He also had fun tearing the dough apart and putting it into different cups.

I think Xander's favorite activity of the week was eating his first ice cream cone. Ryan brought home a box of mini drumsticks and Xander LOVED it!

We've got a nice morning routine down where we get Xander a bowl of dry Cheerios when he wakes up and he sits in his chair and nibbles on those a bit. Then he starts bringing me book after book to read, it's really cute. He has also started eating more solid foods and he has started wanting to feed himself. That's great with the banana (he is so cute stabbing each slice with the fork), but it is so messy with his oatmeal. He doesn't have the spoon feeding down right, keeps flipping the spoon upside down when it gets to his mouth so most the food goes down his front. I'm torn between wanting to let him practice and wanting him to get fed and not make a mess.

That was our week, thanks for stopping by. Please drop in at Tot School to see what other tots are doing.

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