Monday, October 11, 2010

At The Zoo

We went to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium today with Ryan's parents. It was another wonderful trip there. It was very empty early on a Monday morning (holiday too), we pretty much had the little kids play area to ourselves. Ryan and Xander climbed on the play structures and took many trips down the slide. Ryan even lifted Xander onto the slide partway up so he could go down by himself, his first time.

The aquarium sections are amazing, Xander loved watching the fish swim by. We went into the ocean discovery center where you can touch animals from tide pools and they had a craft to make otter puppets (we didn't do that). Xander was very unsure about touching the sea creatures but he did it with Daddy's help.

We loved seeing all the animals, we got to watch them feed the walruses-- Xander got scared by their sounds. I think my favorite part was when we looked at the owls and Xander kept saying "whoo, whoo", very sweet. Xander's favorite animal to see this time were the crows, he just loved pointing them out. Favorite zoo photos:
Love Bite

Tiny Cub, Big Yawn

Grandma and Grandpa Williams, Ryan and Xander (shouldn't of had them facing the sun!)
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