Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tot School

Tot School

Xander is 20 months 3 weeks old.

Like always there was a lot of reading going on this week. Xander is no longer limited to board books! So far we've only had one tiny little tear when he turned a page to fast but other than that he's been really good with the books. He's really happy to "read" the new books but when someone reads the books to him he loses interest before the end on most books, so I am learning to read partway and stop and then pick it up later and remind him of the story and then start where we left off. While he still isn't a talker he has started talking out loud while reading the stories to himself--- no recognizable words but it's a start!

He loves to look at the Tootle golden book because of the train!

We worked on puzzles this week. Xander really enjoys putting them together and taking them apart! This photo is deceptive cause it makes it look like he's really doing the puzzle-- he's not there yet. This puzzle is too hard for him to do on his own so we worked on it together, I'd show him where the piece went and he'd hook the pieces together. (Target had a whole bunch of puzzles in their Dollar bins!)

Xander is practicing his eating with a spoon. While we were going down the cereal aisle at the store he grabbed onto a box of chocolate Cheerios, can't blame him-- they're pretty yummy!

He also tried some fruit cocktail and really liked that, except for the grapes. Another new thing is that he makes this cute expression and wrinkles his nose (this isn't the best shot but  it's all I've got right now and I want to remember when he started doing it!).

Xander crosses his feet in the high chair, so precious!

We played with his wood blocks this week, he stacked some but mostly he lined them up and shoved them around like trains. He also played with his train, building long curvy tracks.

I'm pretty sure that the best part of the week for Xander was when Daddy taught him how to climb a ladder! First we started out with the ladder low and when he mastered that we raised it up high. It was really hard for him, the rungs are so far apart, but that just made him so proud when he was able to climb it!

After his ladder climbing lesson we had a vaccination appointment, 2 shots and one weigh in later (21 lb. 3 oz.) we picked up my Mom and we all went out to lunch. After lunch Mom and I tried to do a quick trip into Michael's for some crafting supplies, which included some foam letter stickers and meant that we spent the evening with: Xander Man!

Touching the X's together ads to his super powers!
Michael's also had cute Halloween books including a Curious George book that Xander has really enjoyed reading (thank you Grandma!) and pipe cleaners. I wanted to use the pipe cleaners on a lacing card I was making but I cannot find my hole punch! Instead I showed Xander how to put the pipe cleaner through the hole on the handle of his scoop. It took a lot of concentration!

We had a fun week, to see what other tot's are doing visit Tot School.
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