Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paper Chain

Today's countdown activity was to make a paper chain. I cut construction paper into strips with the plan being that Xander and I would decorate them and then make them into a chain. I should have just had Xander draw on sheets of paper and then cut that into strips-- would have been much easier, it was really hard for Xander to draw on the tiny strip!

I thought it would be fun for Xander to try pastels today--- big mistake. He totally lost interest in making the chain and was much more fascinated with trying to remove the pastels from their box and then put them back in, over and over. We did get a small paper chain made and I now have tons of paper strips ready for some other craft!

The last two photos are Xander having a fit because I told him that the stapler was "no touch" and the next one was taken a few seconds later, showing how fast he gets over being upset. He has lots and lots of tantrums but they're almost always very short lived. Oh my, I just noticed that the photos show the destruction in the living room. It was all clean a few hours ago! I wish I could just wriggle my nose and "poof" have a clean house like on Bewitched!
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