Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tot School Advent Calendar

Tot School
Xander is 22 months old.

We didn't do any real Tot School activities this week. We did read a lot of books, played with Playdoh, and colored (a lot, he's really into coloring now). I had made an advent countdown and each day we've been doing an activity. So far we've:

  1. Read a Christmas book with Grandma
  2. Made a paper chain. 
  3. Read a Christmas book with Daddy
  4. Made Christmas trees decorated with paper dots.
The book Ryan read him was A Wish for Wings that Work by Berkley Breathed. Our copy has a note written in it from Ryan to me, it was a gift for our 2nd Christmas together. At this age Xander didn't really enjoy the book, maybe next year. Our Christmas tree craft isn't actually tree shape yet, the glue had to dry last night and we've been busy running errands all day today. Today's activity is to watch Daddy's favorite Christmas movie with him (A Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton).

Xander is becoming much more talkative lately. His favorite word is "car" and now that he sits facing forward in the car (he got a new car seat last week) he spends trips pointing out all the cars. He also lines up his toys and has them have conversations. After I hung the paper chain (lazily flinging it over our leaf garland that has been hanging in the living room for since last year!) he sat underneath it and had Mozart and Shaggy Dog (2 of his stuffies) have a conversation (still mostly just babbling) about the chain. I love this new talking Xander! He's even said "Momma" a few times, just melts my heart.

He's also started saying the second syllable of apple, instead of just aaa. Of course, he's calling a tomato apple but so did European botanists when they first saw them. He just loves tomatoes, eating a whole one just like an apple.

That was our week, to see what other tots are doing visit Tot School. Thanks for stopping by.
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