Monday, November 1, 2010

Tot School Pumpkins

Tot School
Xander is 21 months old.

We've had a couple weeks of a really nasty cold. I'd like to say that we still got a lot accomplished and worked on activities that I had planned but that would be a lie. We lay around and watched a lot of tv and went through boxes of tissue! We did make pumpkin cards to send, which I didn't get a photo of, read a lot of pumpkin books, which I didn't take photos of. Sigh. Of the pumpkin books we checked out of the library my favorites were Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White and Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell

We didn't make the pumpkin calzones that I'd planned for dinner one night but we did have pumpkin pie (though Xander now doesn't like it and refused to even taste it!) and we also had baked apple mini-doughnuts which Xander does like to eat.

We enjoyed the pie even if Xander won't try it.

A big change in Xander's drawing, he now covers the entire piece of paper and turns it over to draw more. One evening Ryan was working at the table with his laptop and Xander was drawing next to him and he covered 6 pages front and back and spent about half an hour drawing. His drawings are still just squiggly lines, no actual shapes, but before he'd only draw in one little area (I'd rotate the paper so he'd cover the whole sheet) and he'd want to stop after only a short time. This was a big change.

On Halloween Xander and Ryan made jack o' lanterns and Xander got to wear his new costume/pajamas (we didn't go out). He loves his new pj's, they really glow in the dark! And he loved the plastic jack o' lantern that was supposed to hold treats for our visitors (we only had one!) so I ended up putting the candies in a paper bag so Xander could play with the pumpkin.

Didn't get around to planning anything for this coming week or ordering any books from the library (I even made our menu and shopping list in the car on the way to the grocery store yesterday) so I'm not sure what this first week of November will bring. And on that gloomy note (sorry, this cold really just wiped me out and has left me in a gloomy mood- must feel better and get cheerful!) check out what other tots have been doing by visiting Tot School.
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