Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
Xander 22 months old.

I said last week that we didn't make any Tot School plans because Ryan was hopefully taking vacation days and we might be busy doing stuff. Well, he took vacation and sick days because he got hit with a tummy bug, so we didn't go out and do anything (it was rainy most of the time anyways) but we did have a lot of fun staying in. 

This week:
  • Xander read a lot of books and had a lot of books read to him.
  • We set up his train track for him (he can play with it anytime but he isn't able to make the track do a figure 8 on his own) a couple of days.
  • He drew lots of pictures with both crayon and pen (before he didn't like using the crayons).
  • He played with Playdoh and I don't think he tried to eat any this time.
  • He went for a long walk with Ryan.
  • He worked on his number puzzle several times and his shape puzzle too.
  • While doing the shape puzzle he said "door" for the first time pointing at the door in the puzzle and then our front door!
  • He has become MUCH more cooperative about diaper changes! Instead of running and hiding and throwing tantrums most of the time this week he has come over and sat down in front of us for the diaper change!
  • He watched the entire Toy Story 3 movie though he didn't get emotionally invested in it, unlike his Mom who sobbed when the toys weren't loved anymore.

Here he is saying "car" and when he finished this puzzle he said "door" for the first time. (the yellow around his mouth is from a pen-- he's still not so great about remembering pen goes on paper ONLY!)
Xander reading one of his library books (I'm not sure why he put the happy face stickers in his hair).
Here's some video of him reading that book to himself (Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough). He's saying, "a car" over and over. I was holding my webcam as far as the cord would allow to film him reading in his little corner of my office.

To see what other tots are doing please visit Tot School. Thanks for stopping by.
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