Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tot School Post #11

Tot School
(Xander is 14 months)

Sorry about getting this posted so late. We had a fun Easter week. We started off the week with story time at the library. Each time Xander seems to get more comfortable with it. His favorite part is always the free play afterwards. He and another boy, Liam, are always "fighting" over the same two car toys (where you push down on the driver and the car zooms across the floor). It's really cute watching them interact.

I bought Xander some markers to draw with, they were much easier for him than the crayons. Xander seems to enjoy this but only for a short time. I was able to get him to make enough scribbles that I could cut up into eggs and make Easter cards for all his grandparents and great grand parents.

Wednesday we took a short walk outside. The ground was wet but Xander had fun splashing in puddles and was fascinated by a pinwheel in one of our planters. It was so cute watching him turn it round and round. I spied a garter snake in the grass and showed it to him. Unfortunately instead of a science lesson we got a life and death lesson, Poppy Seed saw me pointing and dashed over and killed the poor snake.

When we came back in I decided to let Xander play with Snag, a giant teddy bear that was first my sister's and then mine (she gave him to me nearly 30 years ago). I wanted to send a photo of them together to my sister to cheer her up as she undergoes chemo. Xander thought that the bear bigger than he is, was neat.

We worked with our bean bin again. This time I buried some of the rocks Xander has collected along with a few toys in the beans. He had fun getting those out and then covering them again. He also scooped the beans into a smaller container this time.

I started seperating the spilled beans into two piles, grouping them by color. Xander watched for awhile and then seemed to get upset that I was messing with his beans and came over and destroyed my neat piles.

On Saturday we went to the cider mill for their Easter egg hunt. We walked around and saw all the animals first. This time Xander actually walked, didn't care that there were hordes of people there who could step on him or spill their hot drinks on him. He wanted to walk, everywhere! This time he was really interested in all of the animals, and enjoyed petting a baby bunny and getting licked by a goat. I wasn't sure if Xander would understand what to do at the egg hunt but he caught on right away and had fun finding the eggs and putting them in the basket.

I had planned on dyeing our eggs when we got home from the egg hunt but we were all so tired that we put it off until Easter morning and did our Easter late Sunday afternoon. Let me just say that dyeing eggs with a 14 month old is insane but he had a lot of fun. Here he is waiting for me to get the eggs and dye set up (he stole my headband and insisted on wearing it), very excited.

He only used those spoons to splash the dye around, preferring to use his hands to put the eggs in and out of the dye.

Miraculously the eggs survived the dyeing, but some got cracked during the egg hunt because Xander tended to bang them while picking them up. We quickly learned to grab them from him as soon as he found them. He had fun finding the eggs and his Easter baskets, or at least most of them. About 3/4 of the way through he found the new ball his grandparents sent him and then it was all over. All he wanted to do was play with the ball. It was really cute. After a while we were able to lure him away to the last basket but we gathered the last few eggs for him. He did like all his presents, not just the ball. In fact the sorting eggs I got him have been a big hit. He's not really sorting them yet but loves playing with them.

And then came the wonder of gnawing on his first chocolate bunny and the huge tantrum when Mommy decided he'd had enough and took it away.

So that was our Easter week. We had fun and hope everyone else did too. To see what other families are doing in Tot School go here.
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