Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tot School Post #12

Tot School
(Xander is 15 months)

We spent a lot of time this week playing with his new sorting eggs, he isn't sorting them yet but loves taking the shell off and making them squeak. Xander got a lot of new books for Easter and we've read them all over and over again. He's started to get books and bring them to us to read. He will also go get a book if we ask him to, very cute. 

Several of his new books and books we had checked out from the library have chicks in them, which is perfect timing cause we have chicks!

They are so cute. Cute but messy, and that heat lamp is HOT! I am so glad they are in Ryan's study and not next to my desk.

Of course our dogs are much more interested in them than Xander is. The other day I brought Xander into the room to look at them and pet them after I had cleaned their box and was getting ready to put them back. He did glance at them but didn't want to pet them, nope, unrolling the paper towel roll and ripping it up was so much more interesting!

We've had a weird week weather wise, hail, snowflakes, rain, and some sunshine. During those brief bits of sun we try to get outside. Friday we walked to the back of the property and Xander explored rocks and grass. While digging he decided the dirt looked tasty and put a whole handful in his mouth! He looked so shocked that it didn't taste good. I used his shirt to wipe it off his tongue and felt so bad that I hadn't brought water with us. We came back inside and he got to gnaw on his Easter bunny some more to get rid of that dirt taste.

Saturday we had hazy sunshine, so out we went. Earlier in the week I'd let Xander play with a bowl of water and little cups inside and he loved it so I thought I'd let him do that outside too. I set him up in a dirt patch with a bowl full of water, some containers, and a spoon, while I mowed the lawn nearby (a push mower so no danger to him). He had a blast! First he made stone soup, then he dumped the muddy water all over himself, he sorted his rocks, moving them from the bowl to a smaller container, and when he'd get bored with the rocks he'd take a walk on the grass. Just lots of messy fun.

Looking for rocks.

Adding dandelions and grass to his bowl of rocks.

Then he climbed up onto my chair. First time he's ever been able to do that. He was so proud of himself. He'd get down and climb back up over and over. So happy that he'd learned a new skill (while giving Mommy a heart attack as I stood there trying to prevent him from falling or toppling the chair over!).

That was our week, thanks for stopping by. To see what other tot's are up to visit Tot School.
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